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The Oak Bottle

Introducing, the Oak Bottle, an American oak cask charred inside to a Level 3 that enables you to add your own signature barrel finish to spirits or wine quickly and easily.

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Whiskey bottle / Barriques

The Barrel Finishing Kit  

Now you can craft your own signature barrel finished batch and either savor it for yourself or gift your creation to a lucky friend with the included bottle, gift box and extra write-in labels. Inside this kit you will have everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind finished batch of new aroma, color and flavor.

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Customize your Wooden Barrel

Looking to customize your wooden barrel even more? Add your own laser engraved tattoo to the Oak Bottle to make it as unique as your aged beer, spirits or wine.


The Oak Tumbler

Don’t have time to barrel finish your bourbon? Guests arriving any minute? Serve your choice of wine, spirit or cocktail from the Oak Tumbler for an instant infusion of oak barrel flavor and aroma. This wooden cup made from American Oak, will add tobacco, butterscotch and vanilla taste notes fast to your favorite dram.

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The Oak Age Experiment Book

Inside this 200 page manifesto on all things barrel aged, you will learn about new along with traditional barrel aging techniques, methods, recipes and expert secrets. Including 45 barrel aging recipes spanning from cocktails and mocktails, to experimental and culinary treats. And 14 barrel aging methods explained covering traditional barrel aging methods like Solera, to more progressive techniques. You’ll be an expert in no time!

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The “aged” Cocktail Book Series

These 45 page mini cocktail books are perfect starter books to familiarize yourself with how to use the Oak Bottle to make some staple and unique barrel aged cocktails. With 14 aging recipes ranging from easy to difficult, you’ll be using your Oak Bottle like a pro bartender in no time.

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  • Oak Age Experiment Book

  • The Oak Bottle

  • The Signature Barrel Finishing Kit

  • Aged Cocktail Book – California Edition


Some of the best brands and bars in the world demand the Oak Bottle

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