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Welcome to the Invite Only Private Beta


You have been selected to be 1 of 125 other people we consider to be either an enthusiast or expert in the world of spirits. So why have you been invited to our private beta? It’s simple, we think we built a pretty kick-ass tasting tool for you and we want you to be the first to give it a spin, break stuff, and let us know what you loved about it and hated about it. This will be super valuable information for us to use to make it perfect before release to the general public. And we also prefer the first recorded tastings and scores in the app’s community to be from experts like you.


What do I have to do? Simply click the below link, download our Apple App (not yet available for android), sign up, and begin conducting tastings. Come back to this page if you want to and send us your feedback by entering in the form below after getting used to how our tasting system works and after you have a bunch of tastings under your belt. If you have an Oak Bottle, you can try the “barrel finishing” functionality. If you don’t have an Oak Bottle, let us know and we will send one to you for doing some barrel experimenting with.


What is next for the app? We will run this invite only private beta for about 2 weeks, collect info, make some tweaks to the app (hopefully not too many) and then release the app to our customers, and the general public. And overtime we will add additional features such as community tastings, recommendations based on your taste profile (AI), social functionality such as liking and commenting, search spirits by taste notes, and much more. If you like our app, we encourage you to share it with your communities and followers. We would be so grateful for your support in getting the word out there. We built this for you. We hope you agree it’s a kick-ass tasting and barrel finishing tool.


The Oak Bottle Team

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