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Oak Bottle Launches Gravity Defying Cup and Oak Tumbler

Fresh from the innovators behind the Oak Bottle comes the Levitating Cup–a whole new way to experience one’s favorite drink.


The tumbler of the future has arrived, and it’s ready to set the beverage world on fire. The Levitating Cup is guaranteed to turn heads as it hovers gracefully in midair while showcasing one’s favorite wine, cocktail, or Oak Bottle aged vintage.


Hoodoo, voodoo, or magic? What keeps the perfectly curved cup aloft? Feel free to either keep guests scratching their heads or divulge its scientific secrets. Regardless, it’s poised to be the center of attention whether it’s floating in the home kitchen or at the trendy whiskey bar downtown.


Simply align the cup over its signature base and watch as it levitates and rotates uninterrupted till that next sip.


The Levitating Cup can hold up to 300 grams (10.5 fluid ounces) of liquid and was artfully created for serving the latest creation from one’s Oak Bottle.


From bartenders to home enthusiasts, the Oak Bottle is the first small scale barrel aging vessel to give them the ability to age their own whiskey, wine, or other spirits from the comfort of home. Now they can show off their latest creations in style with the Levitating Cup.


Creator Joel Paglione grew up immersed in the winemaking industry through his family’s vineyard and winery. It was here he learned that the smaller the oak barrel, the quicker it was to achieve that ideal oak character. Yet, there were no cost effective, small sized options available for the home enthusiast. This revelation spurred him to develop the smallest possible oak infusion vessel ever made and the Oak Bottle was born.


His inventions are making their way into retailers including Brookstone, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lakeland UK and many stores in the Midwest, and can be found worldwide in the USA, Dubai, Russia, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany. The Oak Bottle has even been put on display in North America’s largest wine museum next to the historic oak barrel.