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Oak Bottle Launches New Website with Customization Option

Known for creating the fastest at home oak aging vessel, Oak Bottle is now offering shoppers a way to customize their bottles and interact with other Oak Bottle users.


Oak Bottle announces the launch of their newly revamped website, giving customers the power to personalize the look of their Oak Bottles.


Offering consumers an affordable way to enhance the flavor profiles of their favorite wines and liquors, Oak Bottle is the first and fastest small scale aging vessel on the market. The small barrel accelerates the process, turning ordinary wine, whiskey, beer and other spirits into something extraordinary within hours.


Oak Bottle is now giving their customers even more ways to make the experience their own.


The recently launched website is filled with tons of fresh tips and ideas, interactive features, and the highly anticipated customizer module.


This new tool lets the customer be the designer behind their Oak Bottle. Each bottle is meticulously crafted from 100% American White Oak, and then laser engraved for a personal touch that makes it the perfect gift for birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, weddings and more.


From names and logos to personal art and messages, it is a blank canvas just waiting for inspiration.


After designing their ideal bottle, shoppers can check out the new Community section and meet other fans. Here they can share tips, learn new recipes, and get inspired by what others are experimenting with right now.


The website even offers an Art Corner for shoppers to display their creations for others to view, like and comment on, with a popular design potentially becoming an item for purchase on the Oak Bottle Shop page.


The new website also unveiled two of Oak Bottle’s newest products, the Oak Bottle Micro and the Oak Tumbler.


The Oak Bottle Micro is officially the world’s smallest aging vessel. Sized to hold 150 ml of fluid and made from 100% American White Oak, the Oak Bottle Micro can age wine, whiskey, beer and other spirits in a matter of hours.


Boasting a smaller size with big flavor in a fraction of the time, the Oak Tumbler allows users to infuse their favorite beer, whiskey, wine or any other spirits with extravagant oak flavors and aromas in just hours.


Users can enjoy instant aging in as little as thirty minutes to up to four hours, depending on their desired age preference.


Just like the original Oak Bottle, the the inside of the Oak Tumbler is toasted to medium level. However, the Tumbler’s small size and wide brim allows for the release of aromas and flavors as one sips.


Creator Joel Paglione grew up immersed in the winemaking industry through his family’s vineyard and winery. It was here he learned that the smaller the oak barrel, the quicker it was to achieve that ideal oak character. Yet, there were no cost effective, small sized options available for the home enthusiast. This revelation spurred him to develop the smallest possible oak infusion vessel ever made and the Oak Bottle was born.


His invention is making its way into retailers including Brookstone, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lakeland UK and many stores in the Midwest, and can be found worldwide in the USA, Dubai, Russia, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany. It has even been put on display in North America’s largest wine museum next to the historic oak barrel.