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Press Kit

We’ve put together a few things that might help you cover Oak Bottle LLC. If you need anything else, please feel free to contact us!

Oak Bottle, LLC

Oak Bottle, LLC was founded in 2013 in Chicago, Illinois by Joel Paglione. The focus was designing the fastest oak aging vessel ever created. After a successful few years, we launched our first Kickstarter for the Oak Bottle where we successfully raised over $110,000 in just about 30 days. The Kickstarter also allowed us to launch follow-up products such as the aged cocktail book, the levitating cocktail glass and the oak tumbler…

Joel Paglione, Founder

The Oak Bottle was designed and created by Joel Paglione, the same guy who is the driving force behind the first reversible and magnetic neckties, an environmentally friendly bamboo clothing company, and a successfully funded Kickstarter project called “Secure SALT” which brought to market a card that once you are in proximity of, lets you lock and unlock your phone without entering your PIN, saving you “close to 52 hours every year”. His passion and experience in solving real world problems, whether big or small, is rooted in who he is and what he believes in.


For the latest images and graphics of our products, please visit our Dropbox. The folder is updated regularly so you’ll be able to find all our current images in high resolution.