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The Oak Tumbler

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The Oak Bottle has been adapted to another form. The new Oak Tumbler, made from premium American Oak, allows you to pour your favorite beer, whiskey or wine into the vessel and speed age it in no time at all. Quickly infuse aromas and flavors of oak in your own wooden cup with a minimal amount of waiting time.


The Perfect Craft of American Oak

Immerse your users with a genuine oak experience from the initial aging to the last sip. Polish your presentation with an extra infusion of oak flavors and aromas.

Simple to Use

The Oak Tumbler makes it easier than ever to infuse oak aromas and flavors into your favorite beer, spirit or wine. Just pour and enjoy!

Pour in your favorite beverage

Let sit to add extravagent oak flavor

Gently swirl to release aroma

Serve and enjoy!

Thoughtful Design of a Wooden Cup

Each aspect of the Oak Tumbler has been designed with you in mind.

Small Package, Great Qualities

Just like the Oak Bottle, the Oak Tumbler is toasted on the inside to a medium level. You’ll get the same qualities of an extended aging vessel in a fraction of the time.

Key Features


Instant Oak Aroma and Flavor

Just pour and serve in a half hour for an instant infusion of oak aroma and flavor. Spice up any beverage with minimal wait time to impress your guests.


Unique Presentation

Enjoy your drink in style with the Oak Tumbler. This vessel is a truly unique way to serve any cocktail and maximize the “WOW” factor of your drinks.

Oak Type

American Oak


1 Oak Tumbler

Useful Life


The Oak Tumbler

  • The Oak Tumbler

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