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Leading the emerging at-home

barrel finishing trend.

For centuries, winemakers and distillers have used oak to bring out the best in wine and spirits. The biggest problem aside from the cost of oak barrels is the amount of time it takes for the oak maturation process to work. Between the cost, access, and time factors it makes it nearly impossible for just anyone to experiment with creating the own double cask aged finishes or sherry cask finishes at home. There is where Oak Bottle comes in.

Our mission

Our mission is to make products that enable anyone everywhere to experiment with crafting their own signature blends with a safe, easy to use, high quality, eco-friendly and sustainable product.

Joel Paglione, Founder

Joel Paglione is grew up immersion in the wine industry. His families winery “Paglione Estate Winery” is located in Harrow, Ontario Canada.

Reliably harvesting grapes from winery’s that exist in cold climate location can be challenging due to the potential for significant “vine freeze” that can occur in any given year. Therefore, some wineries like his use smaller volume oak barrels to aid in getting the consistent oak aged flavor the wine maker or master blender desires in a shorter amount of time. Downsized barrels (about half the size of the 53-gallon barrels) allow wine from the abundant years to be bottled sooner and put-on shelves more quickly due to their surface area to volume ratio. That realization led our founder Joel to begin developing the Chicago based “OakBottle” Company in 2013.

Today, OakBottle offers up an impressive line-up of private label spirit partnerships with notorious craft distilleries throughout the USA to choose from for their barrel experiments. And the collection is growing every month with new offerings of new and young make spirits of all varieties under the Oak Bottle “Selects” line of spirits which are sold separately as individual bottle or as part of the company’s unique and giftable “Barrel Finishing Kits” alongside an Oak Bottle.

“Throughout my life I’ve always been fascinated by experimentation. I thrive on continually exploring new possibilities. The Oak Bottle is the manifestation of my adventurous spirit that I hope will inspire the explorer in you!” – Joel Paglione

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