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The Oak Bottle

$89.95 – $149.95

Introducing, the Oak Bottle, an American oak cask charred inside to a Level 3 that enables you to add your own signature barrel finish to spirits or wine quickly and easily.

3 sizes whiskey bottle

We put the Oak Bottle through multiple tests against other at home aging techniques to make sure we were creating the best possible at home barrel finishing vessel. The results are clear, the Oak Bottle adds oak influence fast!

The Proof is Right Here

Create Endless Barrel Experiments

Immerse your friends with a custom barrel experiment of your own. Not only can it be used to barrel finish your spirit or wine, but can also be used as a premium decanter when pouring or storing your favorites. The Oak Bottle allows for near-endless exploration. With spirits and liquids making surface area contact in the small space of the Oak Bottle, not only will you be able to add cask aged influence, but, because it is as fast as it is, the Oak Bottle can be used over and over again. This rate of speed of experimentation means that the Oak Bottle never becomes fully saturated, allowing it to be reused many times over.

What Should You Try First?

It could simply be a more buttery Chardonnay or, the transformation of an average blanco Tequila to a rich anejo. If it’s Whiskey that wets your whistle, put the Oak Bottle to the test by imparting additional oak aged influence into a younger make. Or try creating your own signature double cask aged finish of your own.

Through your own experimentation, you will discover just how long you prefer to age your spirits, but consider that your spirit is on an adventure as it continues to make contact with the Oak Bottle’s interior walls—we suggest you continually test your taste-explorations. Speaking of making contact with the Oak Bottle’s interior walls—try your hand at preconditioning to add an extra element of flavor. Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by preconditioning the surface area of your bottle for a short time with the help of port’s smooth sweetness, then pour in an everyday whiskey to invite a complex flavor profile to sip and enjoy with friends.

Think of the surface area of the Oak Bottle as unchartered territory with endless taste and aroma exploration on the spirit, wine and cocktail horizon.

Enjoy the Flavor as it Changes Over Time

Due to the largest surface area of oak exposed to the spirit, the Oak Bottle Mini 355ml clearly had the greatest barrel finishing influence. The Oak Bottle Mini 355ml was followed closely by the Oak Bottle 750ml.

Whiskey Test

Key Features


Barrel Aged Taste in Just Hours

The traditional barrel maturation process can take years in a distillery or winery. The Oak Bottle allows you to experiment with barrel finishing in a tiny fraction of the time, so you can create your own custom barrel finished batches at home faster.


Reuse it Over and Over

The Oak Bottle is so fast that its’ contents don’t have time to fully saturate the charred oak inside, so you can reuse it over and over by simply flushing it with water.


Handcrafted American Oak

The Oak Bottle is made from the best American white oak (Quercus Alba) and is charred inside to a Level 3 and dressed with stainless steel rings and a chrome top.


Experiment More Quickly

The Oak Bottle essentially serves to offer superb taste almost on-demand and by reducing all of the timing variables, you can experiment with barrel finishing quicker than ever before.

How Does It Work?

Oak aging improves the character and flavor profile of a beverage given all the right variables, most importantly—the quality of the aging vessel. The natural gifts that oak lend to spirits are found in both its ability to stand the test of time and its flexibility. The Oak Bottle’s tight grain keeps our vessel from leaking yet is porous enough to allow oxygen in and out of the bottle for aging— referred to as micro-oxygenation. You will notice the slender height of the Oak Bottle design—our sizing proportions allow liquids to precisely contact the inside walls to the center of the bottle. Because more surface area touches less volume of liquid, the result is a more rapid transformation process and what makes barrel finishing in the Oak Bottle a success for you at home. The Oak Bottle essentially serves to offer superb taste almost on-demand and by reducing all of the timing variables, you can experiment with barrel finishing quicker than ever before.


Multiple Popular Sizes

Whether you choose the Original (750ml), Mini (355ml), or Micro (150ml) size, there is an Oak Bottle that will suit your barrel finishing exploration.

Oak Type

American Oak

Char Level

Level 3


1 Oak Bottle Mini, 1 Chrome Top, barrel wax, instructions, filter, and display box


150ml, 355ml, 750ml

Useful Life

50-60 normal aging cycles

Oak Bottles

  • The Oak Bottle



  • Oak Age Experiment Book

  • Aged Cocktail Book – California Edition

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