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The Oak Bottle

From $69.95

Introducing, the world’s first Oak Bottle, an oaking vessel that accelerates the oak aging process and allows anyone to infuse extravagant aromas and flavors of oak into their bought or homemade beer, cocktail, spirit or wine extremely quickly from the comfort of their own home. The ultimate barrique for aficionados.

3 sizes whiskey bottle

The Proof is Right Here

We put the Oak Bottle through multiple tests to make sure we were creating the highest quality oak aging vessel. The results are clear and the Oak Bottle works great!

Whiskey Bottle

Immerse your friends with a unique oak barrel experience from the initial aging to the last sip. Not only can it be used to oak age your spirit or wine, but can also be used as a premium whiskey bottle or wine bottle when pouring or storing your favorites.

Taste Test Results

The positive response to the Oak Bottle was overwhelming. In both tests, the Oak Bottle managed to turn the cheapest option into a wine or whiskey that tasted better than the most expensive option.

Improved whiskey by


The Oak Bottle improved a $30 Johnnie Walker Red Label by 30 points, making it taste better than a $60 Johnnie Walker Black Label

Improved wine by


The Oak Bottle improved a $5 [yellow tail] Merlot by 43 points, making it taste better than a $40 St. Francis Merlot

48 Hour Aging Results

Due to the largest surface area of oak exposed to the spirit, the Oak Bottle Mini clearly had the greatest oak infusion success. The Oak Bottle Mini (a smaller whiskey bottle) was followed closely by the Oak Bottle.

Whiskey Test

Key Features


Oak Flavor in Just Hours

A typical oaking process can take months to years for full oak infusion. The Oak Bottle ages the same amount of flavor in a tiny fraction of the time.


Reuse it Over and Over

The Oak Bottle is so fast that its’ contents don’t have time to fully saturate the charred oak inside, so you can reuse it over and over by simply flushing it with water.


Handcrafted American Oak

The Oak Bottle is made from the best American white oak and is charred inside using traditional processes to a medium toast level and dressed with stainless steel rings.


Experiment More Quickly

The Oak Bottle is so fast at aging, you can experiment with different recipes quicker, allowing you to change your menu and to discover new delicious offerings faster.

Time Tips

Enjoy the flavor as it changes over time. The taste will vary depending on the environment, situation, and personal sense.

Simple to Use

Simply pour your favorite wine or spirit into the Oak Bottle and replace the cork. Age and taste every few hours until you reach your perfect oak profile. You can also use it as a whiskey bottle, or store any other spirit.

Fill with water and wait until drips stop

Empty water

Fill the whiskey bottle with alcohol and wait until your desired oak taste

Serve and enjoy!

Home-sized Whiskey Bottles

With the Original (750ml), Mini (355ml), and Micro (150ml) you’ll always find an Oak Bottle that’s perfect for anything you’d like to age.

3 Bottles
Oak Type

American Oak

Toast Level



1 Oak Bottle, 1 etched cork, and 2 ounces of barrel wax. All included in individual tubed retail packaging.


150ml, 355ml, 750ml

Useful Life

50-60 normal aging cycles

Oak Bottles

  • The Oak Bottle

  • The Oak Bottle Mini

  • The Oak Bottle Micro


Oak Bottle Accessories

  • 8 Batch ID Coasters

  • Wax Sealer for Oak Bottle

  • Cork Top