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Oak Age Experiment Book


Dive inside this collection to mix up fresh takes on traditional cocktails, curious mocktails and even discover newly chartered territory with barrel aged culinary recipes. We invite you to learn every detail there is to know about becoming a barrel master on your own. The theme is experimentation, pushing boundaries, and surprising yourself with new flavors and learning so much about oak aging along the way that your friends will consider you an expert.



Hardcover with Slipcover


9×12 in (230×310 mm)


Joel Paglione


Christine Dionese




4.2 lb (1900 g)

First Published

July 2019


Oak Bottle

No. of Recipes



Magnetic Closure

Barrel Aging Methods


Development Time

2 Years

Check Out Some Recipes

While creating this new collection of recipes, we pushed the Oak Bottle beyond its perceived limits. With this collection, we created a multitude of tasting sensations. Where you are a food scientist, behind the bar, creating the menu at your restaurant, or, a beverage and culinary home-connoisseur who loves to entertain, this collection was created for you.

“It’s more than a coffee table book. It’s a complete manifesto on modern barrel aging – a must have secret weapon for bartenders and spirit enthusiasts. It will go down as an important book for the ages.”

– Jeff Levy, Chilled Magazine

“We are beyond passionate about creating fun, memorable experiences through good food and drink. With our combined creative in engineering and food science, Christine and I truly pushed the Oak Bottle’s boundaries with this new book. Our thoughtfully chosen ingredients range from everyday familiarity to the more exotic to expand your palette beyond its range now. We have every mood and mindset covered- minimalist recipes, health-conferring tonics and mocktails, aged classics and luxe, yet whimsical gastronomic pleasures.” – Joel Paglione, Founder of Oak Bottle and Co-Author of the Oak Age Experiment.

Oak Age Experiment Book

  • Oak Age Experiment Book

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