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“aged” Cocktail Book Series


Includes award winning cocktail recipes from World Class bartenders. The recipes in these books are designed for people of all experience levels so that whether you are just getting started or a seasoned professional, you can make the most delicious tasting aged cocktails, wine and spirits. Enhance your experience by pouring your aged cocktail in our wooden cup, the Oak Tumbler, and feel the added difference.


Check Out Some Recipes

We want to get your started off right with the Oak Bottle! Our Aged Cocktail Book features recipes from award winning bartenders and we’d like to share a couple recipes you can expect to find in our book.

Home Oaked Chardonnay

 This is a beginners recipe and a perfect trial for your first experiment with the Oak Bottle. With only a couple steps, you’ll be trying your first oak aged wine in no time!

What You Need

– The Oak Bottle –

– Unoaked Chardonnay –

– Corkscrew –

– Wine Glass –


Home Oaked Chardonnay Instructions

Open and add unoaked Chardonnay to the Oak Bottle

Let sit for 2 hours or longer (or a week in a cask)

Once the Chardonnay has reached the desired oak level, pour into glass


Sherry Finished Whiskey

If you’re a whiskey lover, this recipe will get you started with your Oak Bottle. Impart oak and sherry flavors into your favorite whiskey, effortlessly using our fine barriques.

What You Need

– The Oak Bottle –

– Whiskey –

– Sherry or Port –

– Snifter Glass –


Sherry Finished Whiskey Instructions

Open and add Sherry or Port to the Oak Bottle

Let sit for 24 hours or longer (or a month in a cask)

Consume or discard the Sherry or Port

Add whiskey to the Oak Bottle

Let sit for 24 hours or longer (or a month in a cask)

Pour in a snifter glass neat or over ice


Key Features


3 Levels of Difficulty

Start from a beginner level and work your way up to more advanced recipes. With a large variety of combinations, you’ll be an expert in no time!


Easy to Follow Instructions

Images and clear, concise text make it easy to follow each recipe. You’ll have no problem following even more advanced recipes as you progress.


Diageo World Class Winning Recipes

Featuring recipes that have won the Diageo World Class competitions across the world. Written specifically for us by some of the worlds top bartenders.


Original Recipe Ideas

All the recipes in this book are original and unique to the Oak Bottle’s quick aging speed. You’ll be able to try all the recipes in no time.




1 “aged” cocktail recipe book


14 Recipes

Aged Cocktail Book

  • Aged Cocktail Book – California Edition

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