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It takes a lot to impress me but I have to say that after a few experiments with wine and single malt Scotch I have never been so happy with the results I have seen and tasted (of course). My first attempt was to try the small Oak Bottle with a half bottle of cheap Glen Livet single malt. I let the product sit for 24 hours and was amazed at the transformation. Not only had the Glen Livet taken on a deeper color, the smell and taste were awesome! My second experiment was with a low cost bottle of Marcelin 2013 Chardonnay. I used the large (750ml) Oak Bottle and let the Chardonnay sit for 8 hours and then refrigerated for 4 hours and then tasted. The color did not change as much as I had expected after seeing the change that occurred with the Scotch (I am assuming that the color effect was ude to the higher alcohol concentration) but the smell and taste were very impressive.
I just receive 2 Oak Bottle Tumblers and am looking forward to using these as well. I will let you all know how that works out!