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Oak Bottle Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds to Help Improve Manufacturing and Production Process

The Chicago based company, Oak Bottle launches Kickstarter campaign for the month of October.


With the launch of their Kickstarter Campaign on October 5th, the Oak Bottle is back and better than ever with a fresh array of aging options and enhancements for its backers.


For anyone who has ever wished there was a way to improve a cheap bottle of wine or add a custom twist to their favorite whiskey, there is finally hope. With the Oak Bottle, the time honored—and time consuming–process of barrel aging a beverage can be completed anywhere from a few hours to a few days and at the comfort of one’s kitchen or bar, transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary.


Recognized for creating the fastest oak aging vessel ever made, Oak Bottle is revolutionizing the beverage and bar industry. They are now looking to expand on their innovative design, streamline the manufacturing process, and release a few new products using the funding they receive through their Kickstarter Campaign.


Their book aged is the first cocktail, wine, and spirits recipe book dedicated to the art of Oak Aging, and is one of the perks available to all donors. It features award-winning cocktail recipes from World Class bartenders as well as recipes for people of all experience levels.


For those looking to up the ante, certain donations will earn them the new and improved Oak Bottle 3.0.


The bottles are made on a special lathe machine that carves them with more precision and accuracy than before, which in turn improves their overall quality while speeding up the manufacturing process.


The changes include a sturdy etched cork top and more leak resistant body, as well as a mini size that’s built to hold a beer bottle amount of liquid.


Other funding levels will earn donors special tasting classes, the chance to visit the founder’s family winery, the excitement of choosing the next flavored Oak Bottle, and for those with a nose for marketing, the option to partner one’s personal spirit brand with the Oak Bottle brand and make a custom aging kit.


Creator Joel Paglione grew up immersed in the winemaking industry through his family’s vineyard and winery. It was here he learned that the smaller the oak barrel, the quicker it was to achieve that ideal oak character. Yet, there were no cost effective, small sized options available for the home enthusiast.


This revelation spurred him to develop the smallest possible oak infusion vessel ever made and the Oak Bottle was born. His invention is making its way into retailers including Brookstone, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lakeland UK and many stores in the Midwest, and can be found worldwide in the USA, Dubai, Russia, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany. It has even been put on display in North America’s largest wine museum next to the historic oak barrel.


For interviews or additional information, please visit, their Kickstarter Page or contact


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