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Please review our frequently asked questions and policies below. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

How does the Oak Bottle work?

The Oak Bottle works by utilizing a simple mathematical equation. Surface Area divided by Volume. Essentially, the more surface area that touches less volume the faster the oak infusion process happens. It’s that simple! We’ve done the math and our bottle is mathematically 60 times faster than a typical oak barrel.

If I am using my Oak Bottle for the first time will it add Oak flavor faster?

Yes. A new Oak Bottle will add a lot of oak very quickly to your wine or spirit so it is important to monitor it often. Taste test until it reaches your desired oaking. Be sure to not over oak.

How many uses will I get out of the Oak Bottle?

The Oak Bottle can be used indefinitely as long as you clean and store it properly, however it can begin to lose its optimal oaking ability over time. But if it does, then just leave the alcohol in the bottle slightly longer and get the same oak flavor as before. And since the Oak Bottle is the fastest Oak Aging vessel in the world, a little bit longer is still going to be multiple times faster than anything else you could use to impart extravagant oak aged flavor into your wine or spirit. Based on our own experiments and feedback from customers, most Oak Bottle’s begin to impart less oak into wine and spirits after a few dozen normal aging cycles. But having said that, we have bottles we have been using back to back for over 50 uses now and they still impart just as much great oak aged flavor as they originally did. It really depends on the type of alcohol you have been using (since some higher proof alcohols have a tendency to saturate the oak faster since they are more solvent than other lower proof alcohols), how long your aging cycles have been, and how good of a job maintaining your oak bottle you have done.

What is the black colored water on the bottom of the bottle?

This is just some of the char flakes from the charring process coming off of the inside walls of the wood during the swelling process. The burnt wood inside can exude the charring for the first few times the bottle is swelled. For this reason, it is best to leave a paper towel on the plate that is used under the bottle during the swelling process or use a disposable plate/tray. The steel rings can draw the carbon through the wood, this is why the rings tend to collect more black charring.

Can I clean my Oak Bottle between fills?

Yes, with hot water. Do not use any soaps or detergent. Rinse with hot water under pressure and then rinse again with cold water. Repeat several times if necessary until the deposits of the wine or spirit have run out of it.. The Oak Bottle should always be washed immediately after wine or spirit is transferred or poured out to prevent the growth of spoilage organisms. Another option is to use sulfur to clean thoroughly.

Can I store my Oak Bottle empty?

The best way to maintain your Oak Bottle is to never leave it empty of wine and spirits. We recognize this is not always possible so if you do not plan to add more wine to your bottle within the next couple hours after emptying it then you will need to prepare it to be stored correctly.

How do I prepare my Oak Bottle for storage?

Once the Oak Bottle is completely dry and you have ensured that the bottle is completely drained dry and has no remaining water, you can leave the bottle empty . It is best to clean the Oak Bottle thoroughly next time you use it via the cleaning procedure above.

Can I store my Oak Bottle with water in it?

Yes you can. We recommend if you are soaking or storing the bottle you should drain and replace the water with fresh water every 2 days.

Can I use my bottle for whiskey then use it for wine?

Yes as long as you wash it out according to the above bottle cleaning instructions. We do not recommend to do this however as it could leave undesirable tastes or flavor notes in your wine. And vice-versa. However, sometimes this is desirable and you intentionally want to prime the oak bottle with a port or sherry for example before aging another spirit. Have fun with it and later flavor components using the Oak Bottle. Many do this to finish and make delicious unique cocktails for example.

Do you offer any light or heavy toasting options?

Not at this time, only medium toasting but we will in the future including multiple flavor varieties as well.

I have used my Oak Bottle multiple times and it seems to be giving off less oak flavor, can you retoast my bottle?

Currently we do not offer a retoasting service but we may in the near future. We suggest our customers to buy a new bottle after 50 uses or when the desired oak flavor is not able to be reached. You can always leave the wine or spirit in the bottle longer than the suggested 24-72 hours to make up for the loss in oak infusion that may occur after many uses.

What types of wines/spirits work best with the Oak Bottle?

The Oak Bottle can be used with all kinds of wines and spirits. Some of the most popular wines used for oak bottle aging are Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Merlot. Try purchasing an unoaked Chardonnay and try matching a professionally aged Chardonnay that has been aged in oak barrels for years after just 48 hours. Whiskeys, Bourbons, and Brandy are also great for aging with the Oak Bottle. Try adding years of oak aged smoothness to your bought spirit in just days. Tequila can be used in the Oak Bottle to create extravagant Reposado or Anejo from clear Unaged Silver Tequila. White Dog / Moonshine can also be converted to Whiskey in less than 25 days in the Oak Bottle.

Do you have a patent pending on the Oak Bottle?

Our products are patent pending, trademarked, wordmarked, copyrighted and tradedressed.

I would like to discuss licensing, how can I get in touch with you?

Please contact us at:

I would like to discuss carrying the Oak Bottle in my store, how can I get in touch with you?

We do offer wholesale pricing and have optional Point-of-Purchase display options. Please contact us at:

How long should I age my beer, spirit or wine?

Please consult our “Aging Time Tips” for recommendations.

How to Properly Maintain and Keep Your Oak Bottle