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Trends in aging whiskey and other spirits are on the rise, and the Oak Bottle is excited to be the first effective household tool to tackle the market with a modern take on a wooden barrel, and made with premium American Oak. Barrel and Barrique aged cocktails in particular are picking up steam in bars and lounges worldwide, and the Oak Bottle’s conveniently portable size, re-usability, and quick turnaround time is helping to blaze the way.

Aged Cocktails

Barrel aged cocktails are picking up steam in bars and lounges worldwide, and the Oak Bottle’s conveniently portable size, re-usability, and quick turnaround time is helping to blaze the way. Barrels can range anywhere from 1 gallon to 70 gallons, which is practical if you are a large spirit or wine producer and are bottling hundreds of cases of bottles, but not a bar or restaurant where space is limited.


Not only is there the issue of space constraints, but even more important is the issue of the amount of time required for barrels and casks to adequately age anything. Bartenders simply do not have time to wait for months for their cocktails to be ready. They want to experiment quickly, and change menus often without investing in gallons of alcohol or months of their time just to see if their recipe will even turn out tasting good enough to offer up.

Aged Spirits

If you ask any major whiskey maker what their biggest problem is today, every single one, without exception, will tell you they need more stock. Whiskey has surged to be the number one spirit in terms of annual revenue, and is just a few years from outpacing vodka to be number one in volume, as well. But volume is hard for whiskey, because the best product on the market is usually that which has been aged longest in oak barrels—a process that takes years.


It’s a problem people have been attempting to solve for years in a variety of industries dependent on oak barrels for aspects of their product. The Oak Bottle, having a modern design of a whiskey bottle, also has the ability to accelerate the oak infusion process by maximizing the oak interaction through a simple surface-to-volume ratio equation. This means people can barrel age in a fraction of the time, which will allow us to produce aged spirits more quickly, keeping up with growing global demands.

Aged Beer

Barrel aged beers are exploding in popularity. It’s been one of the most popular trends in American craft beer over the last decade. These days, barrel-aging beer in wood barrels is so common and mainstream that even Budweiser and other domestic giants are even coming on board. Typically the most popular of the barrel-aged beers are generally strong, dark and/or sour.


These three characteristics can help to fend off the gradual oxidation that results during barrel aging. The biggest problem with barrel aging beer over long periods of time is carbonation loss. That is why most brewers use Oak Chips to age their beer but the biggest problem with Oak Chips aside from the added sediment is the fact that they do not allow for micro-oxygenation. The Oak Bottle is so fast at imparting charred oak flavor (in as little as 2 hours), you can minimize carbonation loss but still get real oak aged results.

Putting the Oak Bottle to Use

Some of the best bars in the world are using the Oak Bottle as a tool to create a barrel aged cocktail program that is unlike anything before. Two of the top bartenders in the world – James Estes and Claudiu Mnerau – recently won the Diageo Reserve World Class UAE competition heat using the Oak Bottle for their final judged cocktails (the “Brown Diamond” and the “Second Barrel” which are both featured recipes in our cocktail recipe book “aged”). And other globally recognized bartenders and sommeliers are calling it the next must have wine, spirit, and bar accessory.



Head Bartender at Coya

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“It can help you create new and unique ingredients, add layers to flavors and help give your guest a unique experience.”



Bar Manager at Blasé

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“In the time it took to make this video, I have already successfully aged another batch of my Brown Diamond cocktail.”



Head Bartender at Black Angels Bar

Prague, Czech Republic

“The Oak Bottle is a great product because it helps with the aging of cocktails. The whole process is much more faster and efficient.”



Bar Manager at Mint Leaf of London

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“I’ve been using the Oak Bottles for over a year now. It’s an amazing product. Great results.”